Education and Business: Without Borders /

Education and Business: Without Borders

Nov 13th 2018
Hotel Marinela, Sofia

Hall Sofia 2

The ninth edition of the International conference Education and Business: Without Borders, organized by the national TV channel Bulgaria ON AIR focuses on sustainable regional cooperation.

Our shared interests in art, education, cuisine, environmental issues, business, technology, sustainable development, infrastructure, and technology and digitalization.

How individual and corporate success stories contribute to the development of local communities and strengthen their friendship.

How to find good partners in neighboring countries and address common challenges in education and talent management.

Where are the opportunities?

Education is priority for Bulgaria ON AIR from the day one. The Education and Business conference is organized twice a year.

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Speakers /

Masato Watanabe

Ambassador of Japan in Bulgaria

Ambassador Masato Watanabe Born in Sendai, Miyagi April 1980          Entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs August 1999       Director, Central and Eastern Europe Division, European Bureau March 2001       Director, Russian Division, European Bureau July 2001           Director, Technical Cooperation Division, Economic Cooperation Bureau August 2002      Director, Loan Aid Division, Economic Cooperation Bureau August 2003      Director, Aid Policy Division, Economic Cooperation Bureau August 2004      Minister, Embassy of Japan in Indonesia Nov 2007           Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation Bureau July 2009          Director General, General Affairs Department, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Sept 2011          Vice-President, JICA Oct 2013          Consul-General of Japan in San Francisco July 2015         Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh September 12, 2017 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Bulgaria  

Prof. Ivan Ilchev

Historian, PhD, corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Professor, PhD, corresponding member of Sofia University of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the field of history sciences. Head of /Heritage Project /. Graduated History in Sofia University. Works in Sofia University since 1978 first as assistant professor,  associate professor and since 1996 as Professor. Chaired dozens of scientific councils. Regional coordinator Ethnic Relations, Princeton, USA, 1992-2001. Author of dozens of studies and hundreds of scientific articles and scripts for documentaries. Dean of Sofia University History Department /1903-1908/, Rector of Sofia University /1908-1915/. During 2014 -2017 – President of the Consortium China-East and Central Europe Universities; 2015- 2017 – President of the Balkan Universities Association. Member of Scientific Council on Library and IT – 2005-2009; Member of Public Council of the Bulgarian National Television 2005- ; Member of Public Council of the Bulgarian National Television 2009 – ; Chairman of Board of National Student Television Alma Mater 2015 - He lectures in New and Contemporary History of Balkan Nations, Balkan Relationships at the End of  19 and the Beginning of 20 c., History and Theory of Propaganda, War Conflicts in the Balkans, The Image of the Balkan Neighbor, History and Theory of Advertising, The Eastern Question in a number of universities throughout Europe, North America and Canada, like the Indiana University (1985), Gorge Washington (1990), the American Naval Academy (1991) , McGill University in Canada, the universities of Barcelona (1996), Paris Huit (2006), Novi Sad (2007), Vienna (2007), Istanbul (2009) etc. Doctor honoris causa of Capital Normal

Radoslav Naydenov

Deputy-Mayor of Berkovitsa

Radoslav Naydenov is Deputy-Mayor of Berkovitsa. Graduated from Secondary School of Forestry in Berkovitsa. He is Master in Finance and has a Bachelor degree from Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Svishtov. He worked in United Bulgarian Bank and Hill AD. He is Deputy-Mayor of Berkovitsa since 2011.

Rennie Yotova

BRECO CEO, International Organisation of La Francophonie

Rennie Yotova is Director of BRECO in the International Organisation of La Francophonie. Associate Professor Rennie Yotova teaches French language literature in Sofia University, Bulgaria. Author of /in French/ Jeux de construction : poétique de la géométrie dans le Nouveau Roman, Paris, l’Harmattan, 2006 ; Écrire le viol, Paris, Non Lieu, 2007 ; La Trilogie des jumeaux, In Folio, 2011, Trois pièces d’Agota Kristof (with Sara De Balsi), In Folio, 2016. Translator from French of fiction and philosophical essays (Gerard de Nerval, Albert Camus, Jacques Ellul, etc.). Rennie Yotova has written and published many articles on the contemporary literature in French on space, borders, trans-language, violence. Since 2010 she is Head of the French Regional Center for Central and Eastern Europe of the OIF and since 2017 she is Director of the Regional Bureau for Central and Eastern Europe of the OIF in Bucharest. Rennie Yotova was decorated with the Ordre des Palmes académiques /Order of Academic Palms/.   BRECO is one of the six regional offices of the OIF in the world, based in Bucharest (Romania) for Central and Eastern Europe. The International Organisation of La Francophonie represents one of the biggest linguistic zones in the world. Its members share more than just a common language. They also share the humanist values promoted by the French language. The French language and its humanist values represent the two cornerstones on which the International Organisation of La Francophonie is based.

Svetla Dimitrova, PhD

Etar Open-Air Museum

Associate professor and director of the Etar Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. She graduated in history at Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo. She holds a PhD in History of Bulgaria. She is an author of more than 70 scientific articles and 5 monographs. She is an editor of books and collections. She is a scientific consultant in the display of museum collections. She is a co-author of concepts for tourist destinations of various regions in the country. She is a manager on the Bulgarian side of the “Inside” project, funded under 7th Framework Programme of the European Union (2013 - 2015). She is chairperson of the Historical – Philosophical Section of the Union of Scientists – Stara Zagora, member of the Bulgarian – American Commission for Preservation of the Cultural Heritage, member of the Boards of Bulgarian Museums Association and Bulgarian National Committee of ICOM. Her scientific and professional interests are in the field of cultural – historical heritage, cultural and economic development and museology.

Arno Pigeler

Student, 91 German Language High School, Sofia

Arno is 17. Student in 91. German Language High School in Sofia. Bulgarian delegate at the European Students Parliaments 2018 in Toulouse, France, 06.07-10.07.2018. Awarded best delegate at the Model European Union Zagreb 2018 international conference Sept 30-Oct 6, 2018. Participated in several regional Model European Union and Model United Nations conferences in the German Embassy. Founder and leader of the Youth of Bulgaria, whose aim is to be a free space for exchange of motivation and ideas and to set a positive example of how young people can positively affect themselves and their surroundings through proactivity and entrepreneurial approach. Main organizer and initiator of the first ever Model Republic of Bulgaria, a simulation of the decision-making and lawmaking process, including the Council of Ministers, the Parliament and the President, giving more than 50 high school and university students the opportunity to step into the role of ministers, members of parliament and the president. Speaks German and English.

Timocki Veseljaci

Brass Band

Timocki Veseljaci is a famous Brass Orchestra from Knjazevac, Serbia. Awards: Best trumpet Guca Trumpet Festival 2017; Best young orchestra in East Serbia for 2011 - 2017; Best orchestra in Poland 2016 International Trumpet Competition. Timocki Veseljaci are: Predrag Djordjevic Lazar Malenovic Nenad Milojkovic Bojan Cirkovic Aleksa Mijajlovic Lazar Milenovic Vladan Antic Nemanja Kostic

Diogo Pereira Almanacy

Master’s Student in France

Final-year master’s student in France. He lived and worked in 6 different countries across Europe, South America and Central Asia. Worked for cultural projects for national minorities in the Secretariat for National minorities of Vojvodina in Novi Sad,Serbia. He was Vice-president Communication in implementating national communication strategy into local chapter based on promotion of organization through events, conferences and a digital identity. AIESEC Lille in Lille,France. Teached English and French in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Russia. Studied in University of Lille and Pyatigorsk State University in Pyatigorsk, Russia. Speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Serbian, also learns Polish, Bulgarian and Italian.

Kamen Vodenicharov

Actor and Producer

Kamen Vodenicharov is an actor, director and producer. He was born in Sofia in 1966. He graduated from Sofia's 7th High School "St. Sedmochislenitsi". In the turbulent years after the fall of the Berlin Wall he graduated as a puppet theater actor at NATFA Krastyo Sarafov in the class of Prof. Nikolina Georgieva. He specialized in Cinema and Television Directing in the class of Academician Lyudmil Staykov. Kamen Vodenicharov is one of the founders of the student program Ku-ku – a television show, which has reached extraordinary popularity in the air of the only one then Bulgarian national television. Producer of the Кanaleto TV show and the first live music albums, videos, concerts and live performances of the artists from the TV show of the late 90s of the last century. In 1998, he acquired a majority stake in the first Bulgarian music TV MM and guided its development until it was acquired by Nova Broadcasting Group. On the air of MM debuts the production of some of the most popular musicians and artists in the country today. With his long-lasting efforts and his collaboration with many partners, artists and projects, Kamen Vodenicharov is among the names involved in building the modern media environment in Bulgaria. He participates in the creative development and realization of television programs, artistic, musical, theatrical and film projects and messages that are actually measured not in number of viewers, but in generations. Today, he runs own independent production company.

Video speakers /

Theodosii plays with folk, jazz and classical orchestras and bands, famous Bulgarian and foreign musiciansл He was the first to play jazz on kaval and the mixing of traditional folk music with elements of jazz and classical music is at the basis of almost all original pieces composed by Theodosii. Theodosii Spassov developed his own unique playing style. His performances are an unusual synthesis of traditional folklore, jazz and classical music. In the recent years he has been busy composing scores for film and theatre, as well as music for symphonic orchestra and kaval. He has recorded over 38 CDs, containing solo performances and collaborations with various musical formations. Graduated from  the Music School in Kotel The Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv. Fellow artists he worked with: Jazz Linia, “Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares”, Trio “Bulgarka”, National Radio Sofia Orchestras, Ivo Papazov, Yldiz Ibrahimova, Vesselin Nikolov, Milcho Leviev, Acoustic Version, Dave Liebman, Dimitrios Vassilakis, Andy Sheppard, Jamey Haddad, Albert Mangelsdorf, Mark Johnson, Trilok Gurtu, Kazumi Watanabe, Glen Velez, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Matt Darriau, Boyan Zulfikarpasic, Dionisis Savopulos, Paul McCandless, Glen Moore, Billy Cobham, Ennio Morricone.  

Ciprian Mihali

Ciprian Mihali, PhD, Director AUF Western Europe

Ciprian Mihali is a diplomat, philosopher and historian, born in Romania. Mihali is Director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie for Western Europe since Sept 2016. He was Ambassador of Romania in Senegal /2012-2016/ and in 7 other countries in West Africa. He was also professor in Contemporary Philosophy in University Babes Bolyai de Cluj, Romania /1992-2012/. PhD in Philosophy, Universite de Strasbourg. PhD in Philosophy, Babes-Bolyai Cluj University.

Moderator /

Ganiela Angelova

Journalist, Bulgaria ON AIR

Ganiela Angelova is Bulgarian ON AIR’s journalist and host of The Day On AIR, daily live news and analyses show. Ganiela Angelova is also author and host of Oporni Hora show on Bulgaria ON AIR – interviews with politicians. She has more than 10 years experience in television and is also author of many documentaries.

Agenda /

Schedule Nov, 13th 2018

15:30 Registration

16:00 Opening

Berkovitsa Brass Band

Diogo Pereira Almanacy, Student
How to become international

Masato Watanabe, Ambassador of Japan in Bulgaria
Japan-Bulgaria Relations: Making a Leap forward toward 2019

Prof. Ivan Ilchev, PhD, Member of Bulgarian academy of Science
The Heritage Project

Kamen Vodenicharov, Producer
Quality content, from the source to the sea

Radoslav Naydenov, Deputy Mayor of Berkovitsa
Northeast: Communications Without Borders

Theodosii Spassov/video/
Balkan Horses

Timocki Veseljaci Brass Band

Arno Piegeler

Svetla Dimitrova, PhD, Etar Open-air Museum CEO
The museum - a place for culture, education and business

Ciprian Mihali, PhD, Director AUF Western Europe
University cooperation

Rennie Yotova, BRECO CEO, OIF
Youth Mobility in the Francophonie Space

17:30 Networking

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